Sounding sad

i'm wondering, is it i'm a bad guy whenever thinking this...

it's started smoothly, silently until i realized i'm becoming older, The feeling that when you see your big family such cousin getting married, your best buddy cousin will transfer to new environment; IPT..and when you can see there are many cute faces in the house( nephew a.k.a cousin's kids, not mine..=p) makes me feel sad and lonely.

I think this happened because in our old days; kids time, me and my dozens cousins always did many things together. We go fishing in paddy field, we play a.e.i.o.u, 'tuju kasut', we eat together in front of tv, even we always sleep together in front of tok wan's room (boys only). ALL these sweet, joy and happy memories reminds me that there are many phases in this short life. You have to accept and like it weather you like or not. The best thing you can do is appreciate it and enjoy to the fullest

still, the concrete bonding of my big family is what i'm concern for. With bless and pray, i hope the memories in this life will remain in our heart and we can share it when we meet again. To my family and friends, you are my courage, my inspiration and my potential to strive in this world to be a good muslim and lastly achieve the main aim..His Jannah..amin

p/s : people told me i'm thinking too deep...for me, I JUST WANT TO APPRECIATE THIS LIFE....


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