"diavazophile" to mean a lover of reading..so in this post i'm gonna share with u guys on how to change your special guy/girl into books..hahaha..just kidding, actually it's about to empower your reading ablity/interest for those 'Bookaholic' and for ppl that less love with reading hobby, yaaa..you should read this..maybe it can help you to discover your love towards reading and lastly dump your guy/girl friend who prefer 'kedai mamak' than the bookstore..=p

7 Pleasurable Ways to Improve Your Reading Ability

1. Read about things that interest you. If you are interested in what you are reading about, the words will come alive, and you will be motivated to understand. You will feel satisfaction in accomplishing a task that you enjoy, and which you consider meaningful. The more you read, the better you will become at reading. Just get started and it will become a habit, as long as you are interested in what you are reading.

2. Read material that is at your level, or just a little difficult for you. Read material that you find easy to read, or just a little challenging. Looking up many unknown words in a conventional dictionary is tedious, and the results of the dictionary search quickly forgotten. It is better to stay within your comfort zone and keep reading. Soon you will be able to take on more difficult content.

3. Learn to read in depth, stay on the same subject for a while. If you are familiar with the subject you are reading about, you will understand better. Do not just read short articles. Commit to books. Stay with one author for at least one book. If the subject matter is new to you, you should even try to read a few different books or articles about the same subject, before you move on. This way you will meet the same vocabulary and ideas often, helping you to learn. You will also be able to get deeper into the subject and your reading confidence will grow.

4. If you have trouble reading, listen first. Many great works of literature were written to be read out loud. Learn to appreciate the art of the narrator. Listen to audio books or audio files of the material that you are reading. This will help make difficult content seem more familiar. If you can hear the new words and phrases that you are reading, you will have an easier time understanding and remembering them. Hearing the rhythm of someone reading a text will help your own reading.

5. Let your imagination get involved. Good readers get engrossed in their reading and let it trigger their imagination. Learn to enjoy your reading without asking too many questions or analyzing too much. It will just spoil the sensual enjoyment of the reading experience. You do not need to predict or analyze. Just enjoy and look forward to absorbing the information, ideas and thoughts expressed by the writer.

6. Don’t worry about what you don’t understand. Most of your reading should be for pleasure. You can enjoy reading without understanding all of what you read. You may even understand some things in your own personal way. Neither you nor a teacher needs to “monitor” your understanding. Learn to enjoy reading, even while feeling that you do not fully understand or remember what you have read.

7. Recognize that the key is to read a lot. You may develop a system for keeping track of new words that you encounter in your reading, using lists, or Flash Cards, or other memory systems available on the Internet or elsewhere. However, the main growth in your vocabulary and reading skill will come just from reading as much as you can. So learn to enjoy reading and read a lot. Keep reading, and you will become a better reader.
Unfortunately not all reading is just for pleasure. When you are reading a textbook or manual, or report or other material that have to read for school or work, you may need to underline, take notes, and read some parts over again, in order to retain what you are reading. However, if you have developed the habit of reading for pleasure, you will find that the cognitive techniques you need will come naturally, and that you will understand a lot better than before.

by : Steve Kaufmann
source : www.pickthebrain.com


fuh...sudah lama x jejak ke dalam blog ni..
even, password pun aku dah lupa, nasib baik boleh masuk tu pun lepas test 7 kali..ho3
atually aku rasa tak ramai pun tahu kewujudan blog ni sbb :-
1- aku jarang menulis
2- aku bukanlah kaki blog
3- aku jarang lawat blog orang lain
4- aku memang tak promote blog ni

setelah difikirkan kembali mcm takde sebab dah tuk aku teruskan kehidupan blog ni, ingat nak tamatkan riwayat dia..ok tak??..ermm..bukan apa, tapi kehidupan aku di kampus yang busy lagi memenatkan, ditambah dengan kelajuan internet uia yang ibarat siput, diiringi dengan aku takda broadband, membuatkan aku tawar hati tuk berkongsi dan menulis..kadangkala rasa banyak peristiwa yang nak dikongsi...tapi bila start nak tulis, tiba-tiba je blur...erm

so, hajatku ingin tutup je blog ni...tapi sebelum cuti aritu ada jugak plan nak mintak tolong seseorang tuk meriahkan lagi blog ini, dalam erti kata lain fungsi blog ini diteruskan dengan pengisian roh seperti tazkirah, sirah, tafsir kitab...cewahh..bukan itu saja, i mean kongsi cerita, cerpen-cerpen buatan sendiri, pengalaman, kisah cinta, dan lain-lain lagi.

i have found someone yang aku rasa boleh meneruskan kehidupan blog ini. She is good and hilarious...oopss, kantoi la plak aku nak bagi dekat perempuan...yahh, aku mengaku memang wanita yg menjadi pilihan..sebab lelaki..erm, semua tak nak..hu3..

demi mengelakkan persepsi yang tidak enak bak rasa biskut meri masuk angin, i stress this up..SHE IS FRIEND..ONLY FRIEND..HOW GOOD YOU IMAGINE SHE IS MY SPECIAL..I SAID AGAIN..F..R...I..E..N..D..FULLSTOP!!..

so ini masih lagi dalam perbincangan dengan beliau...segala perubahan akan diberitahu kemudian ^^

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