Ramadhan Kareem

Ramadhan adalah bulan umat Muhammad s.a.w. Bersabda Rasulullah s.a.w. bermaksud, "Apabila tiba bulan Ramadhan maka akan dibukakan pintu-pintu syurga dan ditutupkan pintu-pintu neraka lalu diikatkan semua syaitan. "Sabda baginda dalam hadis yang lain, "Jika umat manusia itu mengetahuk akan kelebihan yang ada di dalam bulan Ramadhan nescaya umatku akan menginginkan supaya dijadikan sepanjang tahun itu sebagai bulan Ramadhan."
(i) Setiap amalan kebajikan akan digandakan oleh Allah sebanyak 1000 kali ganda.
(ii) Setiap amalan sunat akan diberikan ganjaran pahala amalan fardu.
(iii) Ramadhan dibagikan kepada tiga bahagikan kepada tiga bahagian istimewa bagi mereka yang berpuasa iaitu bahagian pertamanya dipenuhi dengan rahmat Allah, bahagian kedua dipenuhi dengan keampunan dari Allah dan bahagian ketiga pembebaan dari siksa api neraka.
(iv) Dituntut supaya mengerjakan solat sunat tarawih, witir dan solat-solat sunat yang lain.
(v) Banyakkan berdoa, berzikir, selawat, membaca al Quran, bertaubat dan lain-lain amalan sunat.
(vi) Banyakkan bersedekah kepada fakir miskin dan membantu mereka yang berada di dalam kesusahan dan yang ditimpa kemalangan.
(vii) Menggandakan amalan sunat terutamanya pada 10 hari terakhir Ramadhan bagi mengharapkan keberkatan dan kebesaran malam ‘Lailatul Qadar’ seperti beriktikaf di masjid dan sebagainya.
(viii) Menghidupkan malam-malam Ramadhan dengan mendirikan qiamullail terutama pada 10 hari yang terakhir.

5 ways to choose friends

friends..they are individuals who stay close to us besides family. Therefore,the selection of friend is a must.Why??? These people are going to shape us with Islamic character and most of all, they can guide us into His heaven. It is not that i'm saying we should neglect or stay apart from bad friends, but at least we have idea how to take precaution on this matter as Abu Musa narrated that Prophet said :

“The example of a good companion and a bad one is that of a person carrying musk and another blowing a pair of bellows. The one who is carrying musk will either give you some perfume as a present, or you will buy some from him, or you will get a good smell from him; but the one who is blowing a pair of bellows will either burn your clothes or you will get a bad smell from him.” [Bukhari and Muslim.]

5 ways in shaping friendship based on an advice from al-Qamah (a companion of the Prophet) to his son:

Firstly, choose friends who like to protect his friend, he is like our decoration and if we are in lack of maintenance or money, he will fulfill our need.

Second, choose a friend who, when you are reaching out your hands or want to help, he likes to receive with the feel of overwhelmed, if they see the benefit or goodness
available on you, he likes to count(say it)

Third, choose a friend who, when you provide good service or your help, they prefer to receive with the feel of overwhelmed and be very useful, and if they know about your bad(aib) they will cover it.

Fourth, choose friends that when you ask for something, then he/she will give,
and if you keep quiet, he started to greet you first and if there is a difficulty and sadness that befall, he likes to help and reduce it and makes you feel joyful

Fifth, the companion that if you said he will appreciate and believe it. If you came out a question he will work hard in finding the answer and if you disagree or dispute with him, he loves to please you

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The story of the earlier Book of Allah

Once the Prophet was asked about suhuf suhuf revealed to Prophet Musa
Prophet said, "Some of the content suhuf Moses: -

1. I'm surprised at people who have convinced the coming death (convinced he would die and asked about the practice), but why they feel excited and happy in the world (not prepare).

2. I wonder to those who do know are the Qadar (provision) Allah, but why they are angry (when a calamity befalls him).

3. I'm surprised at people who do know the existence of mathematics (The calculation of the good and bad), but why do not they do the right thing? "

The Messenger asked about the part of the Torah, the Prophet said, "The contents are: -

1. O son of Adam, do you feel fear of authority (in), so long as the hands of eternity will not be lost forever.

2. O son of Adam, We created you, is to worship me, therefore do not waste (spent your time for entertainment only).

3. O son of Adam, We did not calculate deeds will be done tomorrow, so do not worry what you will eat tomorrow.

4. O son of Adam, for you have obligations and conditions of living, even if you ignore the incumbent against me, but I will not forget the things which have been determined for you.

5. O son of Adam, if thou pleased at what I have given you, then you will feel pure happiness. But if you are not pleased with anything that I give it, you will be dominated by the world so you will jump up and down and curl up in the desert heat of the summer. By the Greatness and Glorious, then no you will not get anything other than that I set, but you included in the class of persons that should be condemned in the side. "

~May we benefit from all the knowledge available and we complement each other in nourishing the faith for the sake of Allah s.w.t ~